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I have a severely dilated left atrium. What does the doctor mean when he says “we’ll watch it” ? I am a 44-year-old black female who just found out a couple of days ago that my left atrium is severely dilated and my cardiologist told me today that we will just watch it. What Does Ctrl+Alt+Del (Control+Alt+Delete) Do? - Lifewire Dec 12, 2019 Skookum - Wikipedia Derivative words. Skookum house means 'jail' or 'prison' (cf. the English euphemism the big house, but here meaning 'strong house').Skookum tumtum, lit. "strong heart", is generally translated as 'brave' or possibly 'good-hearted'.In the Chinook language, skookum is a verb auxiliary, used similarly to can or to be able.Another compound, though fallen out of use in modern British Columbia

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Dec 10, 2012 After you delete something, is it really gone? They didn't mean to delete it and wish they could get it back (e.g., "the only copy of my 500-page thesis" or "photos of Dad after the war"). It takes two steps to "delete," but even then your data isn't really gone When you "delete" data from your computer, typically there are two steps to the process:

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