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BLM to remove 360 wild horses from Nevada Herd Management Jul 22, 2020 List of Bureau of Land Management Herd Management Areas Triple B HMA No detail given on horse characteristics, but was created from a merge of Butte, Buck and Bald, and Cherry Creek NV horse AML 250–518 Warm Springs Canyon Horses descend from ranch stock and are found in a wide range of colors. Burros descend …

2019 Goshute Fire (Triple B HMA) | Flickr

ELY, Nev. – On or around July 24, the Bureau of Land Management, Ely District Office, Bristlecone Field Office, will begin an emergency wild horse gather on the Triple B and Maverick-Medicine Herd Management Areas (HMAs) located about 75 miles northwest of Ely in Elko and White Pine counties, Nevada.

Jun 15, 2019 · This is Maverick, he is a 6yo mustang gelding from Triple B HMA. He was one of the 6 mustangs available for the Equus Masters Challenge at the Western States Horse Expo last month.

System Notification. OK BLM to roundup wild horses in Triple B Complex in Nevada Jul 03, 2019 Winter Wild Horse Roundups in Full Force | American Wild Jan 31, 2018