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If I make a mistake and then I say, it wasn't my fault, you look at me and say, well, he's going to do that again, whereas, if I say, hey, made the mistake, this is my fault, here's why I won't Now you bring it up, I'm gonna ring it up - just to hear you sing it out. Step from the road to the sea to the sky, and I do belive what we rely on, When I lay it on, come get to play it on All my life to sacrifice . Hey oh listen what I say oh I got your hey oh listen what I say oh . The more I see, the less I know The more I like to let Aug 01, 2015 · Actually Cortana never goes into listen mode, after pressing the mike icon there is no need to say Hey Cortana, just asking the question gets the answer. The issue is then that Cortana never goes into listen mode, all settings are correct. Mar 21, 2020 · Like Google, Siri requires a user to say “Hey” before the wake word, which somewhat limits the potential for accidental activation. Only a few phrases triggered Siri by accident, and both of Jun 11, 2020 · On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to Settings > Siri & Search and make sure that Listen for "Hey Siri", and Press Home for Siri or Press Side Button for Siri 1 are turned on. On AirPods (2nd generation), 2 Make sure that you turn on "Hey Siri" on the iOS device that your AirPods are connected to.

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(Hey!) Don't listen to a word I say (Hey!) The screams all sound the same (Hey!) Though the truth may vary this Ship will carry our Bodies safe to shore (Hey! Hey!) You're gone, gone, gone away, I watched you disappear All that's left is a ghost of you Now we're torn, torn, torn apart, There's nothing we can do Just let me go, we'll meet again Spearhead - Hey Now Now lyrics | LyricsFreak

can cortana be used to dictate text into Microsoft Word

Of Monsters And Men - Little Talks Lyrics